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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What am I thankful for today?

Today I am thankful for so many are 10.

1. I am thankful for having my fiance in my life. He makes me laugh, feel, and love like I NEVER have before and I LOVE that I get choked up when expressing my feelings for him, because they are so deep. (We were at Engagement Encounter all weekend and I cried multiple times out of pure love and joy!!! It was the greatest feelings I have ever felt!)

2. I am thankful for knowing God! I am thankful that God revealed himself to me so clearly about 9 years ago and has remained so clear since.

3. I am thankful God is so loving and amazing. I want to tap into that love more. Today I realized that EVERY moment of EVERY day, God's love for me is overflowing and I rarely take time to experience it. It's time!

4. I am thankful that God reveals areas in my life that He needs and wants to heal. Today, He revealed my insecurity and how that affects my relationships and other areas of my life, the life He has blessed me with. I am offering that up to God to heal and asking that He help me find my security in Him!

5. That brings me to this... I am so thankful that God offers us security! He is all knowing, all powerful, and so loving and merciful! God will protect us, love us, care for us and take care of us. He will mend our hurts, celebrate in our joys, and provide for all of our needs- emotional needs included!

6. I am thankful for summer. With all this cold weather and snow, I am remembering how much I love and appreciate summer, warm weather, and sunshine!

7. I am thankful for a knowledge of nutrition and health. I thank God for blessing me with this knowledge and I ask that He help me use the knowledge to take care of the body that He has given to me, to be His vessel!

8. I am thankful for people who are followers of God. They offer such insight and support as we walk together through life striving to live for God!

9. I am thankful for the time that my fiance and I have together, doing daily readings, praying, and doing daily devotions. I am so thankful that we both love God so much!

10. I am thankful for the Engagement Encounter weekend my fiance and I had together. Some parts were tough and I noticed fear crept in...fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of getting hurt. But, I am thankful that my fiance and I had that time to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with each other. I am thankful that we learned more about each other. I am thankful that we were given guidance and resources to help us build a strong marriage and most of all, I am thankful that God will be the foundation of our marriage and that God's plan for marriage is so beautiful and lifegiving!!!

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